The Stencil Studio provides a professional bespoke stencil cutting service and can cut stencils for any kind of project you have in mind. Working with companies and individuals on a daily basis, we can offer high volume stencils as well as the one off's.  

Simply send us your artwork, we cut your stencils, you stencil your stuff!

All our stencils are precision laser cut from Mylar. Mylar is strong, flexible, reusable, washable and suitable for use with any type of paint including spray paint. Mylar is available in different thicknesses. Mylar is not sticky in any way.

Prices are based on the amount of cutting in the design and the size of the stencil required, so we will need to see your artwork in order to provide you with a quote.

We cut anything from logo stencils, band name stencils, text and number stencils, flight case stencils, sign stencils, branding and advertising stencils, chalkboard stencils, packaging stencils, clean graffiti stencils, coffee stencils, cake  and cookie stencils, wall and decorative stencils, craft stencils, t-shirt stencils, bodyart stencils, card making stencils, embossing stencils and more...

We've been making stencils since the 1990's and we've made stencils for everyone! To see what our customers say about us and how they use their custom made stencils visit our Custom Stencils Gallery.

To get your own versatile, reusable custom stencil..


You can find technical help and information here and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Oh and we're quick too - you could be stencilling everything in just a couple of days!